zillions, your personal assistant for expense management

R Expense management

R Personal and Family Budget

R Automatic processing of bills and invoices!

Up to 31 of december you have for FREE
One year of PREMIUM features! BETA

Dashboard Zillions

Expense management

Personal and Family Budget

Automatic processing of bills and invoices!

Zillions is your assistant for managing personal and family expenses.

An easy way to save your money.


Dashboard Zillions Mobile

Up to 31 of december you have for FREE
One year of PREMIUM features! BETA



R  Upload your bills, invoices and credit card statements. It will take just a few seconds

R  If you have lost your receipt you can register your expense in a single click. You only need: date, amount and description.

R  All your expense documents available online from any device. No more paper on your desk!

Be in control

R  Zillions categorises your expenses so that you can understand better where you spend your money.

R  Never forget to pay your bills with Zillions calendar!

R  Zillions helps you to keep your finances under control.


R  Graphs will give you an idea on where to save money.

R  Follow Zillions Blog to receive saving tips and suggestions.

R  Zillions understands your needs and helps you to chose the best offer for you.

Zillions can read!

R  It can process bills and invoices

R  Zillions captures your expenses automatically

R  Zillions ability to read improves with each new document

 Simplify your life!

Zillions is your personal assistant:

  • It will provide you with saving tips
  • Zillions will show you how you spend your money
  • Forget about all that paper clogging up your desk

Receipts, bills and invoices will be always available for you.

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zillions tablet

Everything under control!

  • Clear view of your forecast (calendar and due dates)
  • Monthly and yearly expense information 
  • Monitoring of your expense habits 
  • detailed expense information 

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zillions tablet

Expense and documents readily available

  • You can view and change your expenses at any time
  • Your documents are connected to your expenses.  You can view them with just one click!
  • Zillions categorises your expenses automatically

Now it is easy to understand how much you are spending!

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zillions tablet

What they say about us


I have started to use Zillions … it is very easy, all well for now; an incentive to control how much you spend.


Thank you for making Zillions available and for free.  10 years of marriage, 10 years of questioning from my wife about: ‘ how much do we spend in … ?’ and I could never give a proper answer …


Very nice! This morning I have uploaded a fastweb invoice and whoosh it got uploaded in a second!


Zillions Blog

Spend better, spend less