Zillions receives and archives your eInvoices. It interprets and classifies the invoice lines and provides a real-time analysis for category, product and period.

Currently not, but we have completed the development of this functionality and we will release it soon. You can already load your eInvoices in Zillions and they will be recognised as active if the match your VAT code.

If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it going to this page-> ‘Non riesci ad accedere?’.

The link will take you to a page where you can insert the email address you have used to register to Zillions and receive the information on how to retrieve your password.

You can register on if you are a consumer or if you are a business.

In order to register you just need to provide a valid email address, a password and a name or avatar that you would like to see written in our communications to you.

The name does not need to be your name. It just needs to be the way you prefer us to call you. Choose a funny name and include also your avatar picture in the profile section.

You can register for free. There are additional features that are available only for the premium version of Zillions, that are sold on the site for a fee.

Certantly! Zillions handles refunds from your credit card as a credit note. Your total expense will take into accounts your refunds.

Of course! Some categories are classified as income. If you insert a positive amount in these categories, this will be considered an income. A reversal should be entered with a negative sign.

Zillions is a service for personal finance management.

Thanks to Zillions you can:

  • categorize your expenses
  • see how much you spend yearly and monthly, or do your forecast
  • help you understand where you spend your money

To know more about Zillions, please visit

Management of documents

With Zillions you can upload any expense document. It is your responsibility to make sure the owner of the document has given you permission to do so.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

It is possible to upload PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF. You can upload a digital document or a scanned version. Just make sure the document quality is good and that the scanned version is done at a minimum of 300 dpi.

Zillions can also interpret passive and active electronic invoices in xml and p7m (signed) formats.

In Zillions you can upload up to 5 documents through the Insert Document feature. We have applied this limit so that you can best handle your expenses.

By categorizing your expenses you are teaching Zillions what your preferences are and Zillions will take that into account when it does authomatic categosisation.

If you are using the free account you can upload up to 50 documents per year for free.

Currently you can upload bills, invoices (also eInvoices), credit card statements. Zillions is learning to read and the more documents you upload the better reader Zillions will become.

We reccomend to upload documents step by step, in order to allow Zillions to improve its reading. When Zillions is not able to read your documents please check that it is an expense document and that its readable by human eye. If that is not the case, please insert a better quality expense document. If instead your document is correct you will notice that Zillions reading abilities of that document will improve.

Management of expenses

The combo chart allows you to understand how you are spending your money monthly and by expense grouping. In fact we have grouped expense categories so that the combo is easier to read.

For example the categories electricity, gas, water, etc. are all grouped as utilities. Each expense is recorded depending on its expense date and category. The expense date is set by you when you insert the expense manually, or it is calculated by Zillions depending on the expense date written in the expense documents. The combo bars represent the different month total expense and the different colors give you an idea of how much you are spending for each group of expenses. Selecting an expense type in one of the combo bars you will be activating the pie chart below the combo. The pie chart provide additional details on your expenses. Yu can compare the selected month with the previous month or you can see the overall yearly expenditure.

In the lower part of the dashboard, you will see the list of the expenses associated to the period and category (and possibly detail) that you have selected.

Try to analyze your expenses and you will be surprised!

Yes. When you upload expense documents Zillions categorizes them based on the type of expense and your previous choices. This is why we reccomend you upload your documents one at a time, so that you can let Zillions know how you ant your expenses to be categorized.

Zillions has around 50 different category you can choose from. You can categorize your expense when you insert it from the new expense window or afterwards, from the expense list. In the expense list you can also change category to more than one expense at a time.

Choose all the expenses you want to categorize in the same way by selecting them in the tick box on the left of the expense list, then change the category in one of the selected expenses. All of them will be categorized with the category you selected.

You could insert expenses in three ways:

  • manually on the Web Application, inserting at least: date, description and amount
  • manually on our nice apps for Android or iOS
  • uploading expenses documents: Zillions will read the document and create your expenses. Isn’t that cool?!

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